Re: WW I or II vets - Damita Green
Subject: Re: WW I or II vets
From: Damita Green
Date: March 17, 1999


I have not run across a website listing WWI vets, but do have the 
following book resource:

The Official Roster of South Carolina Soldiers, Sailors and Marines in 
the World War, 1917-1918, Vols I & II.  Compiled under the direction of 
John G. Richards, Governor, Jas. C. Dozier, Adjutant General.  Printed 
under the supervision of The Joint Committee on Printing, General 
Assembly of SC.

Vol I contains the white veterans. 
Vol II contains African American and other non-white veterans.

The Act authorizing this book was ratified and approved in Feb. 1929.  
No copyright date noted.

The book is divided into three sections. 

The first section lists the abbreviations used and their meanings.
The second section of the book lists the veterans by county, 
alphabetically by surname.  The third section lists details about the 

Example Entry in third section:

"* LANDRUM, PERCY LEO 4071506 Res Fingerville SC NA Spartanburg SC July 
29/18.  Br Spartanburg SC 26-1/2 yrs.  Co A 60 Pion Inf to Aug 25/18; Co 
F 1 Bn CWS Edgewood Plant Edgewood Arsenal Md to death.  Pvt,  Died 
Broncho pneumonia Oct 4/18.  Notified Gertrude Landrum, Sister, RFD1, 
Fingerville, SC."

Quoted from Vol II, page 1481.

(* is my representation of the cross preceding his name, indicating he 
died during service.)

A similar book exists for WWI vets.

Hope this helps.

Damita Drayton Green
[email protected]

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From: Elizabeth Hemingway 
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1999 13:29:13 -0500

Could someone give me a good website with people that were in WW I or WW

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