wrong email - Who What
Subject: wrong email
From: Who What
Date: June 28, 2000

You sent this to the wrong email. You may of typed it in wrong or 
you got this from someone else if that is the case will you please 
email me again and tell me who.

--- Ken Robinson  wrote:
> Hi.  Only yesterday did I read a movie review of "The Patriot".  The reviewer said the
> protagonist, played by  Australian Mel Gibson,
> originally had been patterned more closely upon Francis Marion.  The movie studio backed away
> from even mentioning Marion when they discovered that the "real" Francis Marion raped slaves and
> killed Native Americans for sport.  Is that true??
> A good number, about 8, of my ancestors were given "Francis  Marion" as first and middle names. 
> Aside from its musicality, two syllables then three, "Francis Marion Smith" it gives a person's
> name some heft.  Wasn't John Wayne's "real" name "Marion"? 
> Can anyone corroborate the accusations against FM or refute them?   Ken Robinson          
> [email protected]

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