Writings of Henry Augustus Middleton Smith - Steve Coker
Subject: Writings of Henry Augustus Middleton Smith
From: Steve Coker
Date: November 11, 1998

South Carolina Historical Society
100 Meeting Street, Charleston, SC 29401
Tel: 843-723-3225  FAX: 843-723-8584

Pub. 1988. Reprinted from the South Carolina Historical and Genealogical
Magazine, with an introduction and indexes by Alexander Moore
888 pp., 34 maps, intro., indexes
ISBN 0-87152-423-6  LC 87-26623
$75.00, the set  [1998 catalogue price]

Henry Augustus Middleton Smith was a federal judge, attorney, scholar,.
landowner, and successful planter who fostered historical studies of South
Carolina through his own writings and through his position as vice president of
the South Carolina Historical Society for twenty years. His studies of the
towns, plantations, baronies, and river communities of the early colonial period
are considered to be path-breaking in methodology and historical perception.
Working from land records (colonial grants, inventories, memorials, wills,
warrants, and plats), Smith traced ownership of land, constructed genealogies of
the planter families, and devised an unusual series of large maps to illustrate
his articles. "Using the skills of a lawyer, historian, and cartographer, Smith
brought order to the mass of Carolina land records and drew from them a history
of early South Carolina that is unmatched in usefulness and objectivity."
Supplied with an introduction and new indexes, these three volumes provide a
degree of access to Smith's writings that has not previously existed.

The Reprint Company, Publishers
611 Perrin Drive, Spartanburg, South Carolina 29307
Post Office Box 5401, Spartanburg, South Carolina 29304
Telephone: 864-579-4433

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