Wright Family Information - Euzelia
Subject: Wright Family Information
From: Euzelia
Date: May 25, 2000

Subj:     Wright Cemetery
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1. Ann1 [Wright]b. 1821 daughter of Daniel B. Brown &
Rebecca Williamson (Daughter of Issac). She married in
1851 Joseph Wright b. 1825, son of Thomas Wright and
Nancy Williamson. ?? Not sure of his parentage.

Children of Ann [Wright] and Joseph Wright are: 
2 i. William T.2 Wright. b.abt 1852
3 ii. May Wright. b. abt 1860  d. 1932
4 iii. Rebecca Wright. b.abt 1854
5 iv. Mary Wright. b. abt 1856
6 v. Emma Wright. b. abt 1865  Autauga co. Alabama
7 vi. Daniel Buford Wright.  b. 1862 Autauga Co. Al.
d. 1903 Anson co.  NC   He married Ella Jane Dabbs.
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Click on Descendants of Issac Williamson

Just up the road at the intersection of Old Wire Rd &
Lauch Blue Rd. is a larger cemetery with a big sign
proclaiming it Wright Cemetery. We found 5 Wrights
there. The 1st 2 are sisters, & daughters of Albert &
Sabra Wright.

Rebecca Wright
Jan. 27, 1854
Nov 28, 1921
gone but not forgotten

Mahala Wright
Nov 11, 1910
aged 58 years

Sabra Wright
wife of AW Wright
died Aug 8, 1909
age 80 years

AW Wright (Albert W.)
born sept 10, 1822
died July 31, 1908

 Sabrah Wright
wife of JJ Wright
born 1829 
died March 9, 1903
gone but not forgotten

This family was mentioned in the will of Catherine
Snead. I believe she was the older Sabras' sister.
I believe that JJ Wright was Jonathan Jackson Wright,
Alberts brother. I don't know where he is buried. He
may have died in the war.

There were other familiar surnames, but it was such a
big cemetery I didn't have time to survey the entire
thing. I will try to go back & do so.

When we first started researching Joseph Wright, we
thought that Albert & Jonathan were his brothers. They
lived so close to each other. I think we have
determined that they are not siblings but are somehow
cousins. Joseph was 25 in 1850 & we have not been able
to find him on any census. I have looked in NC & AL. 

There is supposed to be another Wright Cemetery in
that area that we couldn't find. Maybe another day!

You guys have got me all wound up! It's time to make
another trip east!


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