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Date: March 28, 1999

Dear Anne,
    Bless your heart !!! A CONNECTION !!! I've been looking for this for
years.I have info on the family cemetery. My grandmother knows about them
and told me who she remembered about. CAW and SJM had a dau Caroline Austin
Montgomery who m Samuel Ruffin Mouzon II.(They were called Maa and Paa in
our line.) I'm afraid I didn't have any connection above CAW and SJM. I can
tell you about the cemetery, tho'.
	I've never seen it but found it in a book with the names on the stones
listed. I just found the book a few months ago.
 Leave Sumter, SC on Rt.50 (the Brewington Rd) to Rt.261 (Kingstree Rd.)-
turn left- go to the first driveway past entrance to Camp Harmony- there is
a house on stilts- cemetery to the left of driveway- at edge of woods.
Private property

Names in cemetery

Rosealee Montgomery James		b-Mar 30,1881,d-Jan 25,1954
William D. James			b-Oct 15,1868, d-Nov 11,1936 MS-Co C-3rd.Col.Inf.
Kasper King				b-1856, d-1914
Infant d/o Jasper and Lorena King	b&d Oct 20,1900
Norvin Montgomery King			b-Feb 17,1890, d-Mar 7,1949
Miss Martha M.McCauley		b-feb 2,1828, d-Mar. 7,1849 at 20
Anna F. Montgomery			b-Mar 3,1828, d-Nov.24,1923 w/o Edward Montgomery
Caroline Austin Montgomery		d-1889 at 75 db ma w Sam. John Montgomery
Edward Montgomery			b-Nov 8,1840, d-Dec 1,1846 at 5
Edward Isaac Montgomery		b-mar. 19,1862, d-Sept 24,1936
Elizabeth A. Montgomery		b-Jan 24,1810 d-Dec 26,1882 db ma w Henry
Emily A. Montgomery			b-Aug 22, 1843, d-Jan 5,1925 w/o Samuel I. Montgomery
Frances Cornelia Montgomery		b-Jan 22,1854, d-Sept 11,1922 d/o Samuel &
Cornelia A. Montgomery
Henry Montgomery			b-aug 8,1804, d-June 18, 1864 db ma w E.A.M.
Henry Dollard Montgomery		b-Mar 9, 1908, d-Apr 5, 1979
H. Dollard Montgomery, Jr		b-June 1,1932, d-mar 24,1934
Inez Montgomery			b-Apr 27, 1879, d-Aug 26,1958 w/o Rev. T.C. Croker
J.A. Montgomery			just MS-Co.C-25th Inf.-CSA
James Henry Montgomery		b-Dec 21,1947, d-Dec 24,1977
Mrs. Jane Montgomery			b-Nov 6,1764, d-July 18, 1846 at 82
Jehu Montgomery			b-Oct 6,1790, d-Oct 9, 1824 at 34 (mkr by T.W. Walker)
John Salters Montgomery		b-Nov30,1826, d-July 10,1826 at 7 mon
Lorena Montgomery 			b-July 16,1864, d-Nov.21,1930 w/o Jasper King  w/o
Robert Footman
Margaret Lucila Montgomery                  	b-Apr 15,1844, d-Aug 11,1917
d/o Col S&CAM
Martha Frances Montgomery 		B-Oct 11, 1840, D-may 14, 1853 d/o Col S &CAM
Mrs. Mary N. Montgomery 		D-Aug 24,1820 at 25
Samuel Montgomery 			d-Oct 15,1819 at 65
Lt. Samuel I. Montgomery		b-Feb 11,1839, d- July 24,1911 MA-Co.c-25th Inf.
Samuel John Montgomery		db. mk w CAM  d-1863 at 46
Samuel Spry Montgomery		d- Jan 4,1848 at 45
Mrs. Sarah Eleanor Montgomery 	d- Sept 3,1828 at 20
Mrs. Lettitia Nelson 			d -Jan. 8,1833 at 26
Mrs. Austin Montgomery Tate 		b- July 17,1860, d- Aug.20, 1950

Hope this helps you some.
> To: [email protected]
> Date: Sunday, March 28, 1999 2:26 PM
> Dear Cathy,
> My paternal grandmother was Margaret Berwick Montgomery Wiggins.  Her
> grandmother was Caroline Austin Wooley m to Samuel John Montgomery.  Can
> tell me where she is buried and whatever other information you have?  I
> that her parents were Isaac Wooley and Caroline Austin, but that is as
> back as my information goes.  Can you add anything to this?
> Thanks,
> Anne Wiggins Wallace

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