WOODWARD/ADAMS/BIVENS in SC and TN - Cynthia H. Porcher
From: Cynthia H. Porcher
Date: July 24, 1999


Solomon Woodward was born in SC. He married Elizabeth Bivens in SC. They had
a son named Eliza/Elizabeth Woodward b 1819 in TN. She died ca 1850 in Wayne
Co, TN. 

In 1838 in TN Eliza Woodward married David Riley Adams b 17 Oct 1813, son of
Wm Adams and Unity (unknown maiden home).

William and Unity Adams, who were married in their native State of South
Carolina, soon emigrated to TN, where he was a farmer. Unity died on 9 Dec
1832, and in about 1840 Wm moved to Missouri where he died in 1850.

I am looking for the parents of Elizabeth Bivens and the maiden name of
Unity Adams. There is a possibility that she was Unity Bivens, and I would
like to have info that confirms or negates that possibility.  I have info on
these families that I am willing to share.

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