Woods- McKinley: Abbeville SC [1800-1850] - Brett Woods
Subject: Woods- McKinley: Abbeville SC [1800-1850]
From: Brett Woods
Date: February 27, 1999

Looking information on the descendants of Archibald Woods (b. 1706
Ireland -  d. 1768 SC)  and Isabella Gass (b. 1717 PA - d. 1766 SC).  On
8 October 1764, Archibald sold the last of his property holdings in VA;
left VA on 11 October 1764; and with his family, settled on the Savannah
River near Abbeville SC on 3 January 1765.  Archibald and Isabella had
the following verifiable children:

     Michael, 1735 - 1808.  Married three times (Lackey, Trimble,
     Shields). Settled in Washington/Greene County TN.

     John, 1740 -1792.  A lot of unknowns. Lived in Charleston SC, died
     in Charleston SC.  Wife Unknown.

     Elizabeth, 1745 - 1820.  Married Willis Breazeale, 1765, in
     Granville Co SC.  Died in Roane Co TN.

     Hannah, 1742 - UNK.  Married James Cowan on 12-24-1767.

     Susannah, 1743 - UNK.  Married John Trimble on 2-18-1768. [NOTE
     there is evidence that the Trimble Family of Virginia, also sold
     all their property and accompanied Archibald and Isabella on the SC

     Isabella, 1738 - UNK.  Married James Crosby.

     William,  1744 - 1802.  Married Susannah Catherine McKinley (also
     cited as Mecklin).

At this point I am following the descendants of the son William  (1736
or 1744) and his wife Susannah Catherine McKinley (Mecklin).  Both of
their wills were probated in Abbeville, SC.  Susannah's will (probated
1829) lists the following children and no other identifiers:

     James Woods
     William L. Woods
     Michael Woods
     Andrew Woods
     Robert W. Woods
     John Woods

     Martha Bell Drinkwater
     Susannah C.M. Smith
     Isabella G. Harden

Of the above sons of Susannah McKinley and William Woods (although I
suspect it is William L or Robert W) I'm trying to confirm which one is
the father of my ggrandfather James H. Woods (born ABT 1847) who
indicated on the 1880 Greene County TN census he was born in South
Carolina.  James H., by the way, ended up living in Greene County TN
near the descendants of the Michael Woods (1735-1808) indicated above.

 I really would appreciate any help.  This has been a very convoluted
difficult search.

Brett F. Woods
Santa Fe, New Mexico

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