Woods Family circa 1860 - Spartanburg SC - Brett Woods
Subject: Woods Family circa 1860 - Spartanburg SC
From: Brett Woods
Date: May 16, 1999

Looking for information on the following Woods families that show up on
the 1860
Spartanburg County Census:

Henry Woods            Page 393    Spartanburg P.O.
Richard Woods          Page 357    Woodruffs P.O.
William Woods           Page 395    Fort Prince P.O.

Henry is my Great-Great-grandfather and his family breaks out as

     Father:  Henry Woods (b. NC 1826)
     Wife:  M. H. Woods (b SC 1822) This may be a Mary H.
     Nathan J Woods (b SC 1851)
     Lynch E. Woods (b SC 1846)  female
     James H. Woods (b SC 1848)
     Moses B. Woods (b SC 1849)
     William B. Woods (b SC 1850)
     Thomas J. Woods (b SC 1854)
     Filmory S. Woods (b SC 1856)
     Muryl C. Woods (b SC 1858)
     Robert H. Woods (b SC 1858)

I assume there is some familial connection to a Lynch family as Henry's
oldest daughter is
named Lynch...not exactly a normal first name.  In any event, I would
appreciate any
information on any of these families (are they related?) and
particularly any information on
Henry's parents in NC.  I assume, based upon the dates, that Henry came
to SC in about
1845.  Thanks for any help.

Brett F. Woods
Santa Fe, New Mexico

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