Woods Families [Spartanburg and Laurens Counties SC] 1830-1860 - Brett Woods
Subject: Woods Families [Spartanburg and Laurens Counties SC] 1830-1860
From: Brett Woods
Date: June 10, 1999

Looking for information on my elusive gggrandfather Henry J. Woods (b
1826). On the 1860 Spartanburg County Census, Henry's family is
enumerated as follows:

Father: Henry J. Woods (b. 1826) various censuses indicate both a NC or
SC birth
Wife: Mary H. Woods (b SC 1822)
Nathan J Woods (b SC 1851)
Lynch E. Woods (b SC 1846) female (perhaps a previous Woods-Lynch
James H. Woods (b SC 1848) (my great-grandfather)
John B. Woods (b SC 1849)
William B. Woods (b SC 1850)
Thomas J. Woods (b SC 1854)
Luther L. Woods (b SC 1856)
Margaret C. Woods (b SC 1858)
Robert H. Woods (b SC 1859)

I'm thinking that Henry may be the son of one of the following Woods
families that show up on the 1830, 1840 and 1850 Spartanburg County SC

1.  James Woods b. 1788 - wife Rachel (Hawkins?) b. 1797 SC.  James and
Rachel had at least four children: Susan b. 1829; Nathan Richmond b. 22
Sept 1831; Elizabeth b. 1833; and William James (James William) b. 4 Oct

2.  William Woods b. 1780 - wife Jane (Babb?) b 1785.  William and Jane
(according to LDS-consider the source) had  the following children:
Clarissa b. 1808; Abner b. 1809; Susan b. 1812; Hugh b. 1814; Kellet b
1816; Larissa b. 1820; Polly b. 1879; Nancy b. 1824; William b. 1827;
Martha b. 1829; Martin b. 1831; and Harvey Harney b. 1833.

3.  John Woods b. 1787 - wife Agnes (unknown) b. 1790.

4.  Robert Woods b. 1788 - wife Jane b. 1790.

I have not yet determined if James, William, Robert and John are
brothers.  Nor do I have a clue as to their parent' identity. (please
let me know if they have been identified).

Obviously, due to the similarities of names, it would appear that Henry
would most likely descend Henry and Rachel (there was even a Nathan in
that family).  Further, my great-grandfather James H. Woods b. 1848,
named his first born daughter Rachel...but perhaps this is merely a
coincidence.  James ended up marrying an Elizabeth Fox (daughter of
Isaac Fox) and living in Greene County TN.

Thanks for any help.

Brett F. Woods
Santa Fe, New Mexico

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