Wm. Richards - Pawdee
Subject: Wm. Richards
From: Pawdee
Date: June 25, 1999

   I am searching for information on Wm. Richards, in his death announcement 
, in the minutes of the meeting of The Hightower Baptist Association, at 
Liberty Baptist Church , Dawson County , Ga. in Aug.1867. It states that he " 
attached himself to the Coneross Baptist Church , Pickens Distrist , South 
Carolina , in March 1811, being then about 34 years of age." 
  Can anyone help me here, does this church still exist,and if so exactly 
where is it located , is there possibly records that old. Also what 
Association was it in.
   I have no information whatsoever about Wm's parents but his wife was Dysey 
Cobb of Lincoln County, N.C.
   Anything appreciated, I have pretty good info on the next six generations 
if anyone should want it.
   [email protected]
    or    [email protected]

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