Re: wives in SC - Gaila & Jim Merrington
Subject: Re: wives in SC
From: Gaila & Jim Merrington
Date: April 24, 1998

Hello Patti,
I think this is a great idea.  I often wish marriage records were easier to
find. There is a great series of books for South Carolina, "Marriages
on Land Deeds"  for several different counties. These books might be able to
help if they cover the County your ancestors were from.  I had some success
with the book for Barnwell County.

Here is a list of my 'South Carolina Wives' that I would like to find more
information on.

Nancy Petchlyn - lived Barnwell County, born circa 1755 married to ? James
Heard b 1745 b Lancaster, Pa

Rachel Sotroe - Lived Barnwell County, born 1764 .  Married to Jacob Foreman
Heard  of Barnwell.  Does anyone recognise the name of Sotroe.  I found her
name in the Implied Married of Barnwell County.  But I don't find that name
on the census before or after those years.

Mary Winn b 1785, South Carolina married Reese Busby born circa 1775, Reese
lived in Lexington Co, SC, until 1820  and both lived after 1825 in Bibb
County, Ga.

Rachel Schofield (Schofuld, Schofill) in South Carolina baptising her
daughters by 1751.  She was wife of Phillip Schofield, who came to South
Carolina in 1735 with Rev Turbeville.  They had land in Fairfield and
Kershaw Counties.

Lillian Busbee b about 1790 in South Carolina ( in what is now Aiken County)
married John Johnson of Tenn, Lived in Houston County, Georgia

Tempestia  ?  born 1794, South Carolina, married Michael Howard also of
South Carolina settled in Houston Co, Georgia by 1830.

Rebecca Goodin, b 1795 South Carolina, married Green Wilder b 1792, North
Carolina and lived first in Jones County,Ga and then Bibb County, Ga.  Did
Goodin turn to Goodwin??

If you recognise any of these families or ladies, I have quite a bit to
share on most of them.
Thank you for your assistance,

Gaila Merrington

[email protected]

To: [email protected] Date: Friday, 24 April 1998 0:02
Subject: wives in SC

I'm listing the wives of my grandfathers who I have no information on.
>Hoping someone recognizes them.

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