From: Urq5
Date: May 29, 1998

The opening paragraph of "The Witherspoon Chronicles:"

My grand father and grand mother was born in Scotland about the 1670 [sic],
they were cousins and both one sir name. His name was John [WITHERSPOON] and
hers was Janet. They lived in their younger years in or near Glascow [sic] and
in 1695 they left Scotland and settled in Ireland in the County of Down and
Parish of Drumbo, at a place called Knockbrackon, where he lived in good
circumstances and in good credit until the year 1734 he moved with his family
to South Carolina. We went on ship bord [sic] the 14th of September and lay
wind bound in the Lough at Belfast 14 days. The second day of our sail my
grandmother died and she was intered in the region Ocean which was an
affective sight to her offspring. We were sorely tossed at sea with storms
which caused our ship to spring a leek [sic]. Our pumps were kept incessantly
at work day and night. For many days our mariners seemed many a time at thier
wits end but it pleased God to bring us all safe to land, which was about the
1st of December."

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