WITHERSPOON Chronicles - Jbrody845
Subject: WITHERSPOON Chronicles
From: Jbrody845
Date: May 31, 1998

Concerning the WITHERSPOON postings, and for what its worth, 

I have the following from   "Fasti of the Irish Presbyterian Church,"Falley,
 vol.1, p.384-387," John H MC CLELLAND, Reverend, An outstanding minister in
 Ulster, arrived after 1629.  Organized a group of 140 Scottish Settler's to
 New England in 1636 and was blown back to Ireland.  After preaching in Irish
 locales for several years, he was hunted down and escaped back to Scotland
 where he preached at Kirkcudbright until his death."
also from Lives of the Scottish Covenanters.p.193 sorry, I neglected to get
 the proper citation.

1 Bartholomew FLEMING
Occ:	Merchant, Edinburgh
Reli:	Presbyterian
Spouse:	Isobel UNKNOWN
Children:	Marion (-1640)

1.1 Marion FLEMING
Death:	1640, Edinburgh, Scotland
Reli:	Presbyterian
Spouse:	John H Mc CLELLAND Reverend
Birth:	1600, Kirkcudbright, Scotland
Death:	1650, Kirkcudbright, Scotland

Children:	ISOBEL (1628-)

It is possible that the John McCOLLAND in the book is really related to this
 John H Mc CLELLAND , the name Isobel is a fairly uncommon one especially when
 you relate the FLEMING to  MC CLELLAND name. 
I have seen many of these names in the Abbeville/Anderson area of SC and am
 related to a MC CLELLAND there.  My G Grandmother was Lucy FLEMING MC
I would appreciated any information anyone has on the above names or people.

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