Wise, John Wesley - Lexington County, SC - April
Subject: Wise, John Wesley - Lexington County, SC
From: April
Date: June 04, 2000

Hi all,

I've just been lurking too and noticed the absence of emails, that is until this morning 
when I downloaded 43!

I am searching for information on the elusive John Wesley Wise.  I have been to the 
archives in Washington, DC (which btw has great parking for handicapped, but you 
have to find a way to get them to come outside and unlock the lot so you can park!!).

Ok, what I have found has me extremely confused.  The information and theory I have is 
as follows: (Thanks to Phyllis and everyone else that posted or shared information!)

Lexington County, South Carolina:
Known Children of John Wesely Wise (Phyllis T. Horry)

1.  John Asmond Wise
Info gleaned:
Mother - Lydia Cedecia Corley Wise
Born 2 November 1876 (?) 1877 (Information from the book SANDHILL 
RECOLLECTIONS, birth year as 1877 from the 1900 census soundex cards)

2. George Dantzler
Info gleaned:
Born 1875 (figured from census year) On 1880 census as George D. with Mary A as 
wife of John Wesely Wise, mother could be Mary A. or..... Lydia Cedecia  (Information 
From the 1880 census, not found with JW Wise on the 1900 census)

3. Sidney
Info gleaned:
Could this be Henry Sidney (Cidney?)  If so, listed as Henry S on the 1900 census, 
born November 1883, wife to JW Wise listed as Nancy J.  Mother could be Nancy J.  
Info given by Phyllis as from a small bible owned by D.S. -- Henry Cidney Wise was 
born March 29, 1883, and departed this life October 15 day 1900.  (If the handwriting 
was fancy that C could have been an S) (Information, 1900 census and family bible)

4. Balham (sp?)
Info gleaned:
Could this be Bailum (from Bertha Adams), Balem (sp?) on the 1900 census?  If so, 
born July 1879, wife of JW Wise listed as Nancy J.  Mother could be Nancy J. 
(Information source, 1900 census)

5. Ison D
Info gleaned:
On the 1880 census soundex cards looked like Islam D. but the l could have been part  
of the word George D above it.  If so, born approx 1876 (as per census) and wife of JW 
Wise was Mary A.  Mother could be Mary A..... or..... Lydia Cedecia   (Information 
source, 1880 census)

6. Robert Lee
Info gleaned:
Robert L listed on 1900 census/soundex born 1881 (March?). Wife of JW Wise
listed as Nancy J.  Mother could be Nancy J.  (Information source, 1900 census and 

7. William Tally
Info gleaned:

8. David Simpson
Info gleaned:
Could this be the Simon/Semen listed on the 1990 census?  The hand writing was awful. 
 If so, born May 1887, wife of JW Wise listed as Nancy J.  Mother could be Nancy J.  
(Information source 1900 census and soundex)

9. a daughter
Info gleaned:
Genweb posting, daughter could have been living with other relatives, no other 
information gathered.

Children's names as given by Bertha Wise Adams:
10. John Asmond
Info gleaned:  see above #1

11. Greg
Info gleaned:
No info found

12. Isma
Info gleaned:
Could this be ISON D.  If so, see #5 above

13. Lee
Info gleaned:
Could this be Robert Lee? If so, see #6 above.

14. Simp
Info gleaned:
Could this be David Simpson?  If so, see #8 above

15. Bailum
Info gleaned:
Could this be Balham/Balem?  If so, see #4 above

John Wesley Wise is listed as being 42 on the 1880 census soundex cards; and born 
September 1839 on the 1900 census, age 62, married 10 years.  However, he is also 
listed as age 74, married 40 years, on the 1910 census.  This discrepency could be 
due to his age at the time of the census (maybe he forgot how old he was) and the 40 
years could be total years married.

Now onto wives:

Mary A
Listed as being 52 (b. 1828?), wife of John Wesley Wise on the 1880 census soundex.  
I assume M.C.D. means place of residence - listed as Boiling Springs Twp, Lexington 
County, SC - two children listed (George D. - son - age 5 and Islam D.(sp??) - son - 
age 4)

Lydia Cedecia Corley
Listed in the SANDHILL RECOLLECTIONS book as a wife of John Wesley Wise. 
Birth as 26 July 1845 as given by Linda B Schull on the Genweb.

Nancy J.
Listed as wife of John Wesley Wise on the 1900 census and soundex.  Birth 30 
January 1863, death 6 November 1909, and marriage date of 24 November 1897 as 
given by Phyllis Horry.  Could this date be anywhere from 1887 to 1889 since Nancy is 
listed as the wife of John on the 1900 census?  Also listed on census us the number 10 
for years married.  Listed M.C.D. as Boiling Springs Twp, Lexington County, SC - five 
children listed (Balem (sp??) - July 1879 - age 20, Robert L - March 1881- age 18,  
Henry S. - Nov 1883 - age 16, Ruben - march 1885 - age 14, Semen/Simon(sp???) - 
May 1883 - age 12)

According to the census, Mary A was the first wife.  She was 52 on the 1880 census so 
she must have been approximately 47 when she had her two children (1875?).   Then 
we have Lydia Cedecia Corley with John Asmond being born in 1877.  She is supose to 
be the second wife, no census info.  Then we have Nancy J. listed as wife on the 1900 
census with information from the bible stating she was married on 24 November 1897.  

My theory:   the children listed with Mary A are really Lydia's because...  Mary A could 
be Mary Ann Roberts Senn Corley, wife of Ruben Corley, mother to Lydia  Cedecia 
Corley.  Maybe the census taker got the information wrong in 1880. Maybe Mary A was 
the mother-in-law and for some reason got put down as wife.  Lydia Cedecia would have 
been approximately 32 when she gave birth to John Asmond, perhaps after having him 
or after having Greg (I have no info on this child) she became ill.  During the 1880 
census John Asmond would have been 2 and a half.  It's also possible that Lydia also 
had Bahlam (sp?) and perhaps died shortly after?  That would explain the third woman 
listed, Nancy J.  If the year of marriage was 1879 not 1897, then she could have 
married JW Wise in November of 1879 after the child Bahlam was born in July of 1879. 
 The 1900 census had numbers for mother of how many children and number of 
children living.. I have noted mother to 5 children and 6 children living.. I had thought I 
wrote the two numbers backwards, but perhaps I didn't.  

Well, that's my theory.  Can anyone else shed some light on this?


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