Winston County Land Entries message - Jane Benson
Subject: Winston County Land Entries message
From: Jane Benson
Date: May 09, 1999

For all of you who would like  to request a lookup on the Land Entries part
of the information I posted, I will tell right now that they are a mess
trying to sort through as none of them are in alphabetical order.
In order for me to process your request, please try to be very specific. 
That is, would you please give me the information found at the very
beginning of the section that has the surname you are looking for?  For
example, it would be less time consuming for me if you would put " T 9 So.
R 7 W"  or whichever one the surname is found in.
Since I am working on several different projects at the same time, it would
also be beneficial to both of us if your surname is indicated as a "census"
or "cemetery" or "land entry".  That way, I can look it up fairly fast and
then get it back to you.  I appreciate your thoughtfulness and

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