Re: Wingard - ANNE W WALLACE
Subject: Re: Wingard
Date: November 19, 1998

Contact Magnolia Cemetery.  They may be able to help you.  This Cemetery was
designed in 1850 to serve the Charleston area.  Beverly M. Donald is the
superintendant and she can tell you whether your folks are buried there and
give you the gravesite.  The mailing address is PO Box 6214 Myers Branch
Charleston SC 29405.  The phone # is 843-722-8638.  If they aren't in
Magnolia, Ms Donald is familiar with other local cemeteries and may be able
to suggest something.  Good luck.
Anne Wiggins Wallace
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Date: Thursday, November 19, 1998 9:23 PM
Subject: Wingard

We are planning a trip to Charleston SC.Hope to find John Adam,George
>Michael.Benjamin Wingard grave.Can any one help.They died befor 1850s.
>Thanks alots.
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