Windham and Reynolds - Windhhg
Subject: Windham and Reynolds
From: Windhhg
Date: July 11, 1998

I received your chart in the mail this morning, Robert. Thanks very much. 

Have you been working on the connection from our John Windham to whoever his
father was? I think there is a lot of room to believe he and James Windham are
brothers and neither are sons of Major Amos Windham. At this point I do not
believe James is a son of Major Amos Windham, but John could possibly be.
However, there appears to be only one John Windham that was an heir to the
estate of Isaac Windham of Bladen Co., NC. That could mean this John was
either a descendant of Major Amos, since he was already dead by 1820, or he
was either a son of Charles or descended from another child of Charles. Since
I can find no reference to a John Windham (of course, this doesn't mean there
isn't one) as an heir to Major Amos Windham, I'm inclined to think our John
Windham a son of "Old" John Windham who died in 1831. His children match
perfectly with the John Jr on the 1820 census of Darlington Dist. 

Having said this, in the settlement of the Amos Windham estate, there is a
reference to a John Windham receiving what is due him. Brent Holcomb believes
this to indicate this John was a child. While it very well could be, I don't
think it proves it. This John Windham could just as easily have been a bro. of
Major Amos Windham. 

Then there is the Reynolds connection to a John Windham Jr. William Reynolds
(d. 1836) sold land to a John Windham Jr. and a Daniel Windham Jr. in 1807.
One year before John's marriage to Jane Bartlett. This same William Reynolds
and James Windham were executors of the estate of "Old" John Windham who died
in 1836. John Windham, living in Dale Co. at this time, was not there, but
Elijah Reynolds, husband to Rachel Windham (b. 1807) was there. Does this mean
anything to you or anyone else interested in these families.

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