Wilson, J.M.K. - Chester Co. 1816 - Slinaz3
Subject: Wilson, J.M.K. - Chester Co. 1816
From: Slinaz3
Date: February 04, 1998

I would like to contact other Wilson researchers whose families were in and
around Chester County in this time frame.   In the "Early Records of Fish
Creek Presbyterian Church", there was a notice that William Wilson, son of
J.M.K., died ___ 29, 1816, aged 1 year. 

My ancestor, John M. K. Wilson was born ca 1790 in SC - md Jannett (possibly
Nelson).  He may have been married previously to her as one child, Mary, was
born 1808 in SC.  John M.K. migrated on to Dallas Co, AL by 1820 and died
there ca 1835.  His other children were named:  William W., James T., Sarah
A., Andrew J. and John M.  Thanks!!

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