Re: WILSON RESEARCH SC - Patsy Clayton
From: Patsy Clayton
Date: March 07, 1998

Saw your Wilson Sirname. 
y James Wilson was born in 1797 in FAIRFIELD DISTRict, according to some
Doc we have.   He married Mary Sanuders in Hall Co Ga in 1827.  Had one
son William Washington Wilson, according to records born 1825?? .  Wm was
married in Cherokee  Co Ga in 1845.    to Melinda Williams, moved to
Walker Co Alabama about 1854 homesteaded property near the Winston co
line.  Wm & 2 of his sons served in with the UNION Army during the Civil
War.  My mother lives on some of the property homesteaded by the Wilson's
my Dad's people.   Any help would be appreciated.  Their is belief James
my have come from Scotland because it is said he spoke with an accent. 
One of his Grandchildren was Named Charles McDuff Wilson my GG
Grandfather.  We know where they are buried, the children etc. but need
to go further on James.
Patsy Wilson Clayton    403 Whittier Drive, Birmingham, Alabama 35213  
205 879 1054     [email protected]

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