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Date: August 18, 1999

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<< From: "Quinton, Jeff" 
 I would appreciate any biographical data you might have on W.G. DeSaussure, 
 served as Adjutant and Inspector General of SC in 1862.
 The only information I have on him is that he was President of the Huguenot
 Society of America and that he was a Lt. Col. in the 1st SC Artillery 
 in 1860-61
Greetings from SC. On p. 353 of William Boddie's "History of Williamsburg, I 
find the following:

"The Williamsburg Riflemen was [sic] organized September 16, 1861, by Captain 
J. B. CHANDLER, who resigned December 1, 1861, and Captain James McCUTCHEN 
was promoted from First Lieutenant and commanded the Company during its 
battle service. It became Company G, Fifteenth Regiment, Colonel W. G. 
DeSaussure. " 

Found no other references to him

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