WILLS: William Woods - Susannah McKinley (Abbeville SC circa 1820) - Brett Woods
Subject: WILLS: William Woods - Susannah McKinley (Abbeville SC circa 1820)
From: Brett Woods
Date: March 13, 1999

I am posting this  in the hopes some of the names ring a bell and can
let me know what happend to the sons James, Robert W. and William L..  I
continue to wonder which one was the father of a James H. Woods, born
ABT 1847, in SC. William Woods is the son of Archibald Woods and
Isabella Gass, and the grandson of Michael Woods of Blair Park and Mary

William Woods left a will dated Nov. 8, 1802, Abbeville District, South
Carolina.  Reads as follows:

Abbeville District Nov. 8, 1802.  In the Name of God Amen.  I William
Woods of the District aforesaid State of South Carolina aware of my own
as well as the Mortality of others and being now in Health and of sound
mind ad Memory.. Do make and ordain my Last Will and Testament as herein
follows.  Viz First it is my will and order that after the expenses of
my Funeral upon the plain and Decent Practice of the county be
discharged all my just Debts be paid according to Law.

Secondly To my Beloved wife or Widow Cusana Catharina whould she survive
me (which  may God grant) I give and leave in Fee Simple all my Estate
real and Personal to be enjoyed and disposed of at her option and
judgement not in the least doubting but she will act an honest and
conscientious Part thereby according to the best of her judgment...

Thirdly I do hereby revoke and disannul all and every other wills or
will by me heretofore made, if such thereby, in any Respect whatsoever
contravening this one..and in testimony of the Same I do hereunto
subscribe my name and affix my seal the date above and in the 27th year
of the Independence of the United States of America.    Wm. Woods.

Recorded in Will Book l, page 290. Box 98, pkg. 2419. Proven Feb. 20th
1804. Recorded April 2, 1804.  A. Hamilton O. A. D.

His wife, Susannah Woods, left a will in Abbeville District dated  June
6, 1829 which is given as follows:

Abbeville District.  In the name of God Amen.  I Susannah Woods of the
District and State aforesaid being of sound Mind and Memory but weak in
body, and being sensible that it is appointed for man once to die and
after that the Judgment do constitute this my last Will and Testament in
manner and form following to wit.

lst.  I give and bequeath my soust to God who gave it relying on his
devine memory for a happy resurection of the same.

2nd, It is my Will and desire that my body after death be decently
buried all necessaary expences incurred for the same be defrayed.

3rd, I desire that all lmy Just and Lawful debts be discharged by my
Executors herein after named whenever a sufficient fund is on hands.

4th.  I will and bequeath unto my daughter Martha Bill Drinkwater One
Negro Girl named Matilda and one Negro Man named Peter.

5th I will and bequeaath all the rest of my property both real and
personal to be equally divided among my children herein named Viz. James
Woods, Susannah c. M. Smith, William L. Woods, Michael Woods, Andrew C.
Woods and Robert W. Woods and also my daughter Martha B. Drinkwater an
equal share of the land with the above named legatees.

6th.  I will and bequeath to my son John Woods one Negroe Girl named
Jensey and two hundred dollars.

7th.  I will and bequeath unto my daughter Isabella G. Harden three
hundred dollars and authorize my Executors to pay over the said amounts
to each of them whenever in funds.  I also will that my Negro Woman
Nancy be allowed to have her freedom and live with which of the Legatees
she may wish.

8th.  I will and bequeath to my son Robert W. Woods one good Bed,
Bedstead and furniture.

9th I will that the present crop now growing when gathered by equally
divided between Robert W. Woods, John Woods and the other third to be
applied for the support of the family while here.

10th.  and lastly I constitute land appoint my friends Jonathan Johnson
and William Covington Executors to this my last will and Testament
confiding in their integrity for the faithful Execution of the same
hereby revoking all other wills byme made.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this 6th day
of June A. D. One thousand eight hundred and twenty Nine.  Signed Sealed
and Acknowledged as the last will and testament of the sd. testatrix in
the presents of Hugh Meeklin, Ralph Hardin and J. S. Allen.

Susannah C. Wood L. S.   Proven by the Oath of Hugh Meeklin and Wm.
Covington qualified Exor 22d June 1829 before Moses Taggaard OAD.

I would appreciate any help.

Brett F. Woods
Santa Fe, NM

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