Re: Wills of early SC. - joyemac
Subject: Re: Wills of early SC.
From: joyemac
Date: March 27, 1999

    Try the following for the books you want.  They have a booklet they will send to you also.

                         Abbeville Books
                        At the Uptown Exchange
                        104 Trinity Street
                        Abbeville,  SC  29620
                         e-mail: [email protected]
       Their service statement:  (from the back of their advertising booklet.)
Genealogists come with all sorts of expectations.  Although most requests are quite reasonable, we sometimes get letters listing 10
or 15 surnames, dates or locations that would take days to explore.  It is difficult to describe the value of our publications.  To
do the best we can, we offer the following services:
1.     We will search the indices of up to 3 publications for any one surname, and we will define the number of entries.
2.     We will return a print-out of the major entries in the index of any title listed here.  The entries are usually surnames, but
they may be a table of contents or other information.
        Should you care for either, please send self-addressed legal-size stamped envelope with only one request per letter.  Our
new computer system will enable us to do the above within a few minutes, and we are pleased to offer the service.
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Barton, Barrett, Timmerman, Easley,
Polattie, Cannon, Gray, Bagwell, Mote, Woodall ancestry.

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From: Deborah Byrd 
To: [email protected] 
Date: Friday, March 26, 1999 8:43 PM
Subject: Re: Wills of early SC.

:Actually I am looking for a series of books abstracted by Caroline Moore.
:In the Colonial period All wills and deeds were recorded in Charleston.  C.
:Moore transcribed all of the deeds from 1700 - 1780 (I think) and Clara
:Langley transcribed the deeds from 1712 -1772.  Brent Holcolmb has picked up
:the deed in 1772  -  1778 and transcribed them.  These deeds are not the
:Memorials which were a separate group of land transactions more akin to land
:grants as given in the other provinces.
:>    I was looking at a book called "South Carolina Wills" by Mary Bondurant
:>Warren just yesterday.  It had wills from 1700's.  Also another book called
:>"SC Wills and Bonds, Abbeville District" by Willie Pauline Young has info
:>wills from late 1700's and 1800's.  Don't know if this is what you are
:>looking for, but I found some of my family info in them.  Good Luck
:Deborah Byrd

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