Re: Wills of early SC. - Jaduke
Subject: Re: Wills of early SC.
From: Jaduke
Date: March 27, 1999

Hi ...
When I bought mine on Oct. 5, 1996 the following was true:

"Abstracts of Wills of SC" by Caroline T. Moore ... a complete set of five
(5) books... $150 per set .... 
Contact .... 
"First Families of South Carolina" 
PO box 21328
Charleston, SC    29413

R. Duke 
Williamsburg Co.

At 09:31 AM 3/26/99 -0700, you wrote:
>I am still looking for the publisher of the series "Abstracts of Wills of
>the state of SC."  Some kind soul sent me a hint where to look, and my
>delete finger was too fast off the draw.  does anyone know where I could
>find the series?
>Deborah Byrd

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