Re: Wills of early SC. - Deborah Byrd
Subject: Re: Wills of early SC.
From: Deborah Byrd
Date: March 26, 1999

Thanks Cathy but I am looking for more than just a look up.  My home
bookshelves really need a copy of the series.  Several of my family members
show up in almost every book of the series.  So I am betting that even more
will show up as I move them out of Al FL and GA.

 Abstracts of Wills of State of SC 1760-1784 and Abstracts of Wills of
SC  1740-1760 by Caroline T. Moore .  R.L. Bryant and Co. Publlished them.

Does anyone know if R.L Bryant is still in Business and the location of the

Thanks for the help.

It is getting spring time in the Rockies and spring fever is running high

Deborah Byrd

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