William Woods (b 1804) TN>SC - Brett Woods
Subject: William Woods (b 1804) TN>SC
From: Brett Woods
Date: April 04, 1999

I'm trying to separate fact from fiction regarding William Woods born 30
April 1804 in Greene County TN.  William was the son of Michael Woods
and Esther Shields, and the grandson of Archibald Woods and Isabella
Gass.  I need to verify the following information:

     ITEM:  Did William marry a Mary Polly Moore on 8 March 1882 and
     have a son Andrew Jackson Woods born in August 1839.

         1.  Who was Mary Polly Moore?
         2.  Where did they marry?
         3.  Did they have any other children?

     ITEM: Did William marry a Rebecca Hall (b 1808) on 26 January 1826?

         1.  Who was Rebecca Hall?
         2.   Did William and Rebecca have any children?
         3.   What happened to Mary? (presuming he really married a

     ITEM:  Where did William and his wives live?

         1. There is no record of them living in Greene County TN.
         2.  Did he move to another state?

     ITEM:  Where and when did William die?

         1.  There is one entry that indicates his death on 7 October
     1831 (no location).
         2.  William in clearly indicated in the 7 January 1858 will of
     his father Michael as his 2nd son.
         3.  If William was mentioned in 1858, then it stands to reason
     he did not die in 1831.

NOTE:  There is some indication that William moved to SC and lived there
at least prior to 1850.  This may be factual due to the fact that his
cousins (the descendants Archibald and Isabella) were probably still
living in the Laurens-Abbeville area.  If William [and Rebecca?] was
living in SC, then he would have had at least one son, James H. Woods,
who was born in SC in about 1847.

I would appreciate any information or leads.

Brett F. Woods
Santa Fe, NM

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