William Woods (1695-1785) Orange County NC > Greene County TN - Brett Woods
Subject: William Woods (1695-1785) Orange County NC > Greene County TN
From: Brett Woods
Date: April 10, 1999

The following information on the family of William Woods (b. 1695
Ireland - d. 1785 Orange County NC) is taken from the Woods-McAfee
Memorial.  This William is the brother of Michael Woods of Blair Park
who came from Ireland with Michael in the 1730s.  However when Michael
went to Virginia, William went to Maryland, then South Carolina sometime
between 1730 and 1735.  Please note that there are a lot of new names in
this line as the descendants of William Woods of North Carolina have not
been that fully researched.  Further, this is all the information I have
on this family.  In any event, William had five children:

1.   John (b.1720 - d. 1813) m. Ann Louey Melbane and remained in NC.

     1a. William Woods; married Nellie Lindsey; one son named Lindsey
     (remained in Orange County NC)

     1b. John Woods, Jr., married unknown, one son Joseph (settled near
     Knoxville TN)

     1c. David Woods; married unknown; sons John, David and Willliam
     (settled near Fulton KY)

     1d. Thomas Woods (b. 25 Nov 1775 @ Orange County NC - d. 31 Mar
     1837 Fulton County KY) m. Susannah Baldridge, the daughter of James
     and Jane White Baldridge of Orange county NC.  About 1807 Thomas
     and his family moved to Murfreesboro TN where he worked as a
     blacksmith.  In 1827 he moved his family (with the exception of his
     oldest children James, John and Jane) to Fulton County KY where he
     and his wife died and were buried in the Palestine Church.

          1d1. James B. Woods; married Margaret Finger in Rutherford
          TN.  Later moved to Izard County. AR.  Children:

               1d11. William H. Woods

               1d12. Susannah Woods; married a Mr. Russell.

               1d13. A. Texas; married William P. Garner.

          1d2. John Woods; remained in Murfreeboro TN; was County Clerk,
          Chairman of the County Court and a state senator.  No family

          1d3. Jane W. Woods; married Handy Snell; lived in Rutherford
          County TN.

          1d4. Ann A.C. Woods; married Harvey Brown in Fulton County KY;
          moved to Izard County AR.

          1d5. Thomas C. Woods; never married; died 17 July 1841 near
          Alexandria LA.

          1d6. Malcom Woods; died in infancy.

          1d7. Susannah M. Woods; married a Mr Simmons.

          1d8. William Mitchell Woods; married Elizabeth E. Brown,
          daughter of Archibald and Sarah Culton Brown on 16 Dec 1847 in
          Fulton County  KY.  Lived in Obion County TN until 1855 then
          moved to Izard County AR.  Children:

               1d81. John Harvey Woods (b 27 Mar 1849)

               1d82. Thomas James Woods (b. 15 Aug 1850)

               1d83. William Archibald Woods (b. 12 Apr 1852)

               1d84. Johnson Pierce Woods (b. 12 Oct 1853)

               1d85. Sarah Anabel Woods (b. 16 Oct 1855)

               1d86. Stephen Washington Woods (b. 9 Dec 1857)

               1d87. Benjamin Franklin Woods (b. 21 Feb 1867)

               1d88. Owen Shelly Woods (b. 27 Feb 1870)

          1d9. Mary E. Woods; married Bright Snell; lived in Rutherford
          County TN.

          1d10. Stephen H. Woods; married three times, no family
          details; was a physician "of eminence" in Rutherford County

          1d11.Abigail R.Woods; married twice, first to a Mr. Simmons
          and second to a Mr. Brown.

     1e. Alexander Woods; never married.

     1f. Samuel Woods (b. 14 Mar 1769); married twice, first to Jennie
     Allison on 6 Jan 1789; second to an Elizabeth Woods "a distant

          Children by Jennie Allison and Samuel Woods:

          1f1. Joseph A. Woods

          1f2. John Woods

          1f3. David Woods (b. Orange County NC on 28 Oct 1795 - d 28
          Jun 1878 in Hardeman County TN ); married Mary Robinson (b 1
          Dec 1799 Orange County NC - d 26 June Apr 1821 in Hardeman
          County TN); moved to Hardeman County TN during the winter of
          1825-25.  David was one of the Magistrates of Hademan County
          for 24 years.  Children:

               1f31. Samuel Melbane Woods (b. 16 Feb 1822); married
               Narcissa Robinson; child: John D. Woods (Hickory Valley

               1f32. John R. Woods

               1f33. Mary Woods

               1f34. Margaret Woods

          Children by Elizabeth Woods and Samuel Woods:

          1f4. Hugh Woods (b. 5 Aug 1800, Orange County NC); married
          Elvira Jane Ray (b. 1 Oct 1802, Orange County NC) on 26 Jan
          1826. Children:

               1f41. Samuel Robert Faucett Woods (b. 16 Feb 1828)

               1f42. Margaret Jane Woods (b. 29 Jul 1830)

               1f43. Joseph Hammel Woods (b. 7 Nov 1833)

               1f44. Elizabeth Ann Woods (b. 19 Aug 1837)

               1f45. Hugh Phillips Woods "generally called Tyler" (b. 15
               Jan 1840)

               1f46. Mary Ellen Woods (b. 22 July 1842)

          1f5. Samuel Ray Woods (b. 23 Jan 1808 near Hillsboro, NC - d.
          13 Apr 1877); married Zilpha Elizabeth McKuine, of Wayne
          County NC, in Feb, 1831. Children:

               1f51. William Samuel Woods (b. 1 Dec 1831)

               1f52. Mary Elizabeth Woods (b. 16 Dec 1833)

               1f53. Susan McKuine Woods (b. 29 Mar 1836)

               1f54. John Raiford Woods (b. 13 Oct 1838); settled in New
               Berne, AL; married Annie Jane Paul.  Children:

                    1f541. George Sidney Woods (b. 1 Mar 1877)

                    1f542. Maty Alice Woods (b. 13 Jul 1879)

                    1f542. Elizabeth McKuine Woods (b. 20 Apr 1882)

               1f55. Barbara Ann Woods (b. 18 Sep 1841)

               1f56. David Sidney Woods (b. 28 Dec 1844)

          1f6. Margaret A. Woods; married her cousin Lindsey Woods, the
          son of her uncle, William Woods.

2.   William  Woods (UNK)  moved to Jonesboro TN area.  No other

3.   Samuel (b. ABT 1724) married Mary Mitchell, stayed in NC inherited
family home on the Hycotee River.  Children:

     3a. John Woods; married unknown, two sons Andrew and Green.

     3b. Andrew Woods

     3c. William Woods

     3d. Thomas Woods

     3e. James Woods

4.  Elizabeth Woods; married David Mitchell, who was a brother of the
Mary Mitchell who married her brother Samuel Woods.  Stayed in NC,
living on the Hycotee River.

5.   Mary Woods (UNK) married a man named Strain, stayed in NC for a
period of time, then moved to TN where they lived near her brother
William Woods.


Now, I am trying to fill out the remainder of the children of William
Woods of North Carolina, at least to the point where I can identify the
parents of a David L. Woods (b. 1800 in NC) shows up on the 1880 Greene
County TN Census.  Also I want to find out who is the father of  Henry
J. Woods who was born in NC in 1826.  Henry also shows up on the  1880
Greene County TN Census.  Is David L Woods the father of Henry J. Woods?

On the 1800 Orange County Census, there are entries for: David; Elihu;
Harrison; James; James (followed by the initials B.S. whatever this
means); John (who is the former Orange County NC sheriff and the son of
William); John W.; two Josephs; Leven; Sampson; Samuel; Thomas; and a
William (2).  Obviously some of these can be associated with the names
above.  But I would like to figure out the total family picture for the
first generation or so after the William Woods who started the NC line
of Woodses.

Thanks for any help and I hope some of the above material helps someone

Brett F. Woods
Santa Fe, NM

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