William Tedford - Elsie Swilley
Subject: William Tedford
From: Elsie Swilley
Date: January 07, 2001

  I found this in my copy of 1800 CENSUS OF PENDLETON DISTRICT SOUTH
CAROLINA by William Stewart:
    Josiah Tedford       23001-21001-00
    William Tedford     00110-00200-00
Mr. Stewart added this comment:
   These Tedfords are perhaps of the early Rockbridge County, Va.,
family: often found spelled Telfords. Robert Telford, perhaps of the
same family, was in the 1790 and 1800 Pendleton census. By 1804, William
Tedford was living in Jackson County, Ga., and Josiah Tedford was listed
in the 1805 Jackson County lottery.
    Robert Tedford      22010-10010-01
Hope this helps.
Elsie Swilley

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