William Skipper - Euzelia
Subject: William Skipper
From: Euzelia
Date: April 20, 2000

William Skipper is listed in the following list:

From Colonial Soldiers of the South, 1732-1774
p. 183

His Majesty's Ship Prince Frederick Muster Book:
Supernumary Soldiers of the Third Batallion of Colonel Gooch's 
Regiment born by order of Richard Lestock, Commander in Chief,
of the Red Division of His Majesty's Fleet in the West Indies
bearing date of 22nd of Jan 1740 for victuals only and victualled
as the ship's company, January 1740/1741 through 1741/1742

(Captain Innis' Company)
Captain Innis, Ja:s
Lieutenant Pringle, W:m     DD, 24 Mar 1740, killed
Serjeant Harduff, Derby 
Corporal Menzie, Ja:s       DD, 24 Mar 1740, killed
Drummer, Geruch, Jo:s
Thomas, Reis
Jibson, Jacob
Butler, W:m
Grodon, R:d
Donally, Arth:r
Willson, Peter
Croom, Benj:n
Guess, Jn:o
Lamb, Peter
Maxwell, Elixha
Skipper, W:m
Croom, Jn:o
Mayo, Tho:s
Carmudy, Tho:
Hindley, Jo:s
Williams, Tho:s
Russell, Greg:y
Rreynnolds, W:m
Copeley, R:d
Conner, Tho:s
Haggerty, Tho:s
Douglass, Jn:o
Guess, W:m

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