William Perry b. 1795 in S.C. - Tommy Stephenson
Subject: William Perry b. 1795 in S.C.
From: Tommy Stephenson
Date: October 05, 1999

I am searching for the birthplace in South Carolina of Elizabeth Sarah Perry
born in 1827 in SC.

I believe her father was William Perry,age 55,b. S.C. His wife was
Elizabeth,age 55,b. S.C.

Nancy,20, b.S.C.
Josuha Perry ,18b.S.C.
Susannah Perry,15,b.S.C.
William  Perry,12 b. S.C.
Luann    Perry, 9 b. S.C.

They were on the census of Giles County,TN. in 1850.  In 1849 Elizabeth
Sarah Perry married my George Alexander Stephenson b. 1822  in Limestone
County,Al. His father was Samuel John Robert Stephenson b. 1795 in York

Did they come from Charleston,Kershaw,Lancaster, or some other county?

All the information I have on Elizabeth was that she was one of four
daughters of a preacher from South Carolina.

Tom Stephenson

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