From: Chesspose
Date: March 22, 1999

Hello Everybody. I am trying to locate the birth place of my gr.grnd.father.
William Newton Blanchard. The 1850 census places him at Talladega County
Alabama, and gives his birth place as North Carolina. I, and others, have done
about all we know to do to find a connect to William's parent family and have
hit a wall. It looks like we will have to go out of NC to try to locate some
connection along his was from NC to Talladega Al. I think that he mad have
lift NC at such early age that no document was made of his presence in NC, but
he was told where he was born and possibly he had some contact with former
associates in NC. Since his middle name was NEWTON, is some evidence that his
mother's name was Newton. My request here is that some kind person will search
their SURNAME list to see if there is a Blanchard--Newton marriage located
there. I suggest that William Newton's parents could have married in any of
the several states that VIRGINIANS migrated to and through, SC, GA,TN,KY, and
even Florida. Help would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Tal
Blanchard, Williamsburg, VA. [email protected]

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