Re: William Langston 1794 - 1870's, SC to GA - Sharon Herrington
Subject: Re: William Langston 1794 - 1870's, SC to GA
From: Sharon Herrington
Date: January 02, 2000

Deborah Byrd wrote:
> Hello All,
> I am stumped.  I have a William Langston born 22 Nov 1794 in SC,
> marrying in 1820 in Pendleton District SC to Elizabeth McMurry.  He
> continued to live in Pendleton District until sometime between 1840 -
> 1850.  His family shows up in the 1850 census of Chatooga county GA.
> Between 1850 and 1860 he moves into Floyd County GA and some of his
> children move to Houston and Anderson counties in EAst Texas.
> He does not appear to be William D. T. Langston son of James and
> Joannah Davis Langston, and by extension is not the William of Raburn
> County GA circa 1837.  William is still receiving mail at Pendleton
> courthouse in the 1820 - 1840's.

I live in Anderson County, Texas so I looked thru my pioneer books.
Some Langstons are mentioned but didn't see anything to tie back to
your William without having more info on his kid's names.


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