William Langston 1794 - 1870's, SC to GA - Deborah Byrd
Subject: William Langston 1794 - 1870's, SC to GA
From: Deborah Byrd
Date: January 02, 2000

Hello All,

I am stumped.  I have a William Langston born 22 Nov 1794 in SC,
marrying in 1820 in Pendleton District SC to Elizabeth McMurry.  He
continued to live in Pendleton District until sometime between 1840 -
1850.  His family shows up in the 1850 census of Chatooga county GA.
Between 1850 and 1860 he moves into Floyd County GA and some of his
children move to Houston and Anderson counties in EAst Texas.

He does not appear to be William D. T. Langston son of James and
Joannah Davis Langston, and by extension is not the William of Raburn
County GA circa 1837.  William is still receiving mail at Pendleton
courthouse in the 1820 - 1840's.

I have no idea who were William's parents or siblings.  I can find no
record of him buying his land on 23 mile creek in Pendleton District
SC (area became Anderson District), only his selling it.  I assume
that he inherited the land.  Any ideas of  who his parents could be or
places to look for records?

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions of where to look.

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