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Date: December 19, 1999


William Hunter was a native of South Carolina, born in 1750. He was a 
Revolutionary War veteran. He married Catherine DeLoach between 1795 and 
1800 and they lived in the vicinity of the Little Saltkahatchee Baptist 
Church. Catherine was the daughter of Thomas and Mary DeLoach. Catherine 
was born in 1780.
William and Catherine had nine children, all born in South Carolina:

1. Nancy ********	b. 1800,m. Daniel Hiers, ca 1823,******This is my 
	d. aft. 1873.
2. Wilson	b.	1802,m. Elizabeth Hughes.
	d. 2/9/1891.
3. Keziah	b.	1804,m. Phillip Hiers, ca 1823,
	d. 6/10/1890.
4. Jacob B.	b.	1808,m. Rebecca ?.
	d.	aft. 1850.
5. Henry L.	b.
6. Katherine	b.
7. Abigail	b. 8/22/1811,m. Jacob H. Croft, 1825.
	d. 11 /?/1862.
8. Susan	b.	m. Levi Shaw.
9. Sarah Ann	b.	1828,m. George Croft, aft 1850.

Mr. Hunter entered the Army in the Orangeburg District of South Carolina on 
February 1, 1778 and served for twelve months until January of 1779 when he 
was taken prisoner by the British. He was in the 3rd South Carolina 
Regiment commanded by Colonel William Thompson. Mr. Hunter applied for a 
pension on July 10, 1855 in Lowndes County, Georgia.
The records show that William Hunter was buying and selling land in 
Barnwell District in 1812 and 1813. After the Hunter home burned about 
1836, he and his wife, Catherine (DeLoach) Hunter, moved with their 
daughter, Abigail, wife of Jacob Croft, to Lowndes County, Georgia, where 
they lived until they both died on the same day in 1857. He was 107 years 
Sources: Pension records of Brooks Co., Ga; Revolutionary War records; 
Census, 1850 Lowndes Co., 1790, 1800, 1820 S.C.; deeds records of Barnwell 
Contributed by: Walter H. Berg, Jr., Rt.1, Box 1191, Young Harris, Ga., 
30582, great-great-great-grandson of subject.

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