William Hickson Capers 1812 Sumter Distirct - Deborah Byrd
Subject: William Hickson Capers 1812 Sumter Distirct
From: Deborah Byrd
Date: February 27, 1999

Hello all, I have been bin diving in the Sumter Deeds,  not a lot to do in
Idaho right now too far from the Snowy moutains and not warm enough in the
lava rock desert to play outside.  I found a William Hickson Capers from
Charleston Distric buying land in Sumter District around 1812.  Is he
connected to the Reuben Hickson family that shows up in Sumter about the
same time?  Did the Hickson family  come from Charleston County?

I am still looking for the name of Reuben Hickson's first wife, if he had
one, and the maiden name of Ester ? Hickson Baker wife of Reuben and John

Deborah Byrd

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