William H.(Henry?) Woods {Orange County SC - 1840} - Brett Woods
Subject: William H.(Henry?) Woods {Orange County SC - 1840}
From: Brett Woods
Date: March 23, 1999

In my perpetual quest to identify the father of my great-grandfather,
James H. Woods, who was born in SC in 1847, whose father was supposed to
be William, I ran across an entry on the 1840 Orange County SC Census
that I need some help explaining.  On page 218, there is an entry for a
William H. Woods (age 20-30) who had about ten slaves, two young white
females (under 10), an older female (probably his wife) and twenty-five
(25) white boys under the age of 15.  My question is, does anybody know
if there was some kind of orphanage or school in Orange County at this
time in which a William H. Woods was the schoolmaster, or perhaps an
orphanage for boys?  I would appreciate any help, as this particular
William does not seem to show up on either the 1830 or the 1850 census.

Brett F. Woods
Santa Fe, New Mexico

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