William Denham 1696 - Deborah Byrd
Subject: William Denham 1696
From: Deborah Byrd
Date: January 02, 2000

I have found in the Secretary of States office an headright grant to
William Denham for his wife and child.  (Of course no names for those
people) to be laid out in Colleton.  Question is this William Denham
the father of Jacob Donnam will of 1740 of Pon Pon?  does anyone have
the names of William Denham's family?

Jacob's wife's name was Margaret.  does anyone know her maiden name?
does anyone have a connection between William Donnam and first wife
Mary circ 1748  and the Hendricks family of Colleton?  I believe that
Mary may be an Hendricks.

William Dunham/Donnam's second wife was Mary Taylor and he married her
in 1752 at Medway Congreational Church, Liberty County GA.

I have more information on this Dunham/Donnam family am willing to
share.  They are not the Dunham family of Goose Creek who are
Singletary Dunhams and married into the Commander family.

Deborah Byrd

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