William Buddin, 1803 Estate, Sumter SC - Steven J. Coker
Subject: William Buddin, 1803 Estate, Sumter SC
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: August 08, 1998

Estate of William Buddin
Administration Papers
Judge of Probate Office
Sumter County, South Carolina
Bundle 12, Package 6



KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, THAT WE Barwill Evans are holden and firmly
bound unto William Taylor, Esquire, Ordinary for the district of Sumter, and
State aforesaid, in the full and just sum of one thousand dollars, lawful money
of the said state to be paid to the said William Taylor, or to his successors
ordinaries of this district, or to their certain attorney or assigns, to which
payment well and truly to be made and done, we bind ourselves and every of us
and every of our heirs, executors and administrators, for the whole, and in the
whole jointly and severally firmly by these presents, sealed with our seals, and
dated the Tenth day of Septr Anno Domini, 1803, and in the twenty eighth year of
American independence.

THE CONDITION of this OBLIGATION, is such, that if the above bounden Barwill
Evans administrator of the goods, chattels and credits of William Buddin do make
a true and perfect inventory of all and singular, the goods, chattels, and
credits of the said deceased, which have or shall come to the hands possession
or knowledge of the said Barwill Evans or into the hands or possession of any
other person or persons for and the same so made do exhibit into the said court
of ordinary when he shall be thereuto required and such goods, chattels and
credits do well and truly administer according to law, and do make a just and
true account of his actings and doings therein when required by the said court,
and all the rest and residue of the said goods, chattels and credits which shall
be found remaining upon the said administration, the same being first allowed by
the said court shall deliver and pay unto such persons respectively as are
entitled to the same by law, and if it shall hereafter appear that any last will
and testament was made by the same deceased, and the said be proved in court,
and the executors obtain a certificate of the probate thereof, and the said
Barwill Evans do in such case if required, render and deliver up said letters of
administration, then this obligation to be void, or else remain in full force
and virtue.

Signed, Sealed and delivered  }
   in the presence of         }

Saml P Taylor                          Barwell Evans
                                       Robert (Wtherspoon ?) Junr
                                       Stephan  +  Evans


A Just and True Inventory and appraisement of the Personal Estate of William
Buddin Deceased made by us whose names are under written.

1 Mare and Colt                    $110.~
1 Bed and Furniture                  21.~
1 Matt(rss?) and Furniture           10.~
1 Trunk                               4.~
1 Pott and frying pan                 3.75
1 Table                               ~.50
1 Womans Saddle                       6.~
2 (Stays or Slays ?)                  1.25
1 Pewter Dish                         ~.50
1 Wheel                               1.--
2 Jugs                                1.25
1 Decanter                            .25

                 Jeremiah Rhame
                 (Robert Rhames Junr ?)
                 Thomas Buskirk

Cash in hand                      $250.94

Transcribed by Steven James Coker from copies.


-=-=-=-=- indicates separate sheet or new document.

1. Spelling is sic.

2. A question mark inside parentheses indicates the transcriber is not confident
as to the correct reading or that the text was not legible.  Brackets []
indicate the enclosed is explanatory or not found in the document.

3. For this presentation, little attempt has been made to layout the text
identical to that shown in the documents.  In particular, words per line and
line breaks vary.  Some attempt has been made to reproduce capitalization and
punctuation as read.  However, this is not an exact and true reproduction.

4. It is left to the reader to verify the accuracy of this transcription prior
to use.

5. The transcriber is a descendent of this William Buddin through his son
William Buddin who married Martha McIntosh.  The said William Buddin (Jr.) and
Martha McIntosh being parents of Susan Ann Buddin wife of James Myers Coker Sr. 
Other children of William Buddin (Sr.) include John Buddin, Elizabeth Buddin,
and Catherine Buddin.

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