William Buddin, 1796 Land, Sumter/Clarendon SC - Steven J. Coker
Subject: William Buddin, 1796 Land, Sumter/Clarendon SC
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: August 09, 1998

Sumter District, South Carolina
Conveyances, Vol. AA page 161


The State of South Carolina
     V    Know all Men by these presents that we Jonathan and Bell [sic] of
Clarendon Country in the State aforesaid for and in the consideration of Two
pounds Sterling to me paid by William Buddin of Clarendon County in the State
aforesaid have Granted Bargained Sold and Released and by these presents do
Grant Bargain Sell and Release unto the said William Buddin all that Plantation
or Tract of Land containing fifty Acres more or less laying in Sammies Swamp of
which the Main Creek of Sd Swamp is to be the Line Butting and Bounding to the
Southward on Land Laid out to Samuel Reynolds Westward on Jacob Herrald Eastward
on Land laid out to Moses Green which Tract is part of a Tract of Two hundred
Acres Originally Granted to John Artis by a Grant bearing date 1784 Recorded in
the Secretary Office in Book B.B.B.B. Together with all and singular the Rights
Members Hereditaments and appurtenances to the sd premises belonging or in any
wise incident or appertaining to have and to hold all and Singular the premises
before Mentioned unto the sd William Buddin his heirs and assigns forever and we
do hereby bind ourselves our Heirs Executors or administrators to Warrant and
forever defend all and Singular the said Premises unto the Sd Wm. Buddin his
heirs or assigns against Myself and my heirs and against every Person whomsoever
Lawfully Claiming or to Claim the same or any part thereof 
   Witness my hands and Seales this the fifth of August one Thousand Seven
hundred and Ninety Six and the Twenty first Year of American Independence. ~

Charles Amonet                                        +
    R.S.                                    Jonathan  +  Bell  {Seal}

State of So Carolina }
Clarendon County     } Personally appeared Charles Amonet and made Oath that he
was present and saw Jonathan Bell Make his mark and acknowledge his Seal and
deliver the within Instrument of Writing for the Uses Intents and purposes
within Mentioned and likewise saw Reuben Scott make the Two first Letters of his
name as an Evidence to the Execution of the within together with himself - at
same time ~~

Sworn this 3 day of Septr 1796            }               Charles Amonet
before - Wm. Humphrey, Clerk of the Court }
                                              (29th April 1803)

Transcribed by Steven James Coker from copies.


1. Spelling is sic.

2. A question mark inside parentheses indicates the transcriber is not confident
as to the correct reading or that the text was not legible.  Square brackets []
indicate material that is explanatory or not found in the document.  Curved
brackets {} are as shown in the document.

3. For this presentation, little attempt has been made to layout the text
identical to that shown in the documents.  In particular, words per line and
line breaks vary.  Some attempt has been made to reproduce capitalization and
punctuation as read.  However, this is not an exact and true reproduction.

4. It appears that the transcribed document was a copy made by the clerk from
the original documents. The entire work appears to be of one handwriting. The
"(29th April 1803)" notation which appears at the bottom may indicate the date
that the copy was made or verified.

5. This version indicates that Charles Amonet signed rather than making his
mark.  I suspect this is a mistake in copying since Charles Amonet made his mark
when signing his will in 1802.

6. It is left to the reader to verify the accuracy of this transcription prior
to use.  This version indicates that Charles Amonet signed rather than making
his mark.  I suspect this is a mistake in copying since Charles Amonet mad his
mark when signing his will in 1802.

7. One of Charles Amonet's daughters was the wife of William Buddin [Sr.] and
the mother of John Buddin, William Buddin [Jr.], Elizabeth Buddin, and Catherine
Buddin.  Charles Amonet's grandson William Buddin [Jr.] married Martha
McIntosh.  The said William Buddin [Jr.] and Martha McIntosh were parents of
Susan Ann Buddin wife of James Myers Coker Sr. The transcriber is a descendent
of Susan Ann Buddin and James Myers Coker Sr.

8. Clarendon County, SC was first established in 1785, from part of Old Camden
District. It was named for the Earl of Clarendon, one of the Lords Proprietors
of Carolina. In 1791, Salem County was formed from portions of Claremont and
Clarendon Counties.  In 1800, Clarendon, Claremont, and Salem counties were
consolidated and became Sumter District. In 1855, Clarendon was taken from
Sumter District and reconstituted with the same boundaries it had in 1785.  In
1888, parts of Marion, Darlington, Williamsburg, and Clarendon merged to become
Florence County.  The remaining Clarendon County has existed with the same
boundaries to this time.

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