William BELK & Hannah DARLING - Larry Noah
Subject: William BELK & Hannah DARLING
From: Larry Noah
Date: May 11, 1999

        William BELK and Hannah DARLING are believed to have
been born somewhere in NC, both about 1740.  I am trying to
locate the place(s) of their birth.  They married and
settled in the area that is now Kershaw Co, SC.  Three of
their children married MIXONs and three married SKINNERs.
The SKINNERs were all children of Benjamin SKINNER and
Priscilla WOODHAM.  Benjamin was born in
Chowan Co, NC.  The MIXONs were all grandchildren of John
MIXON, born abt 1719 in Pasquatank Precinct, NC.

        I have been unable to connect this William BELK to
the BELKs of Mecklenburg Co, NC.  There was a William BELK
on a Dobbs Co, NC Militia list in June of 1781.  This may or
may not be the same William.  I have had other ancestors
serve from the place where they were born rather than the
place where they were raising their family.  Any help would
be appreciated.  I will be glad to share what I have.

Larry Noah - [email protected]
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