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Subject: William A. Gaines, SC
From: WSchick101
Date: April 06, 1998

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Forgive me if this was posted already.  I received a "mail undeliverable"
message  and thought I better try again.  

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Subject: William A. Gaines, SC
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Hi there-
I was just looking through your family histories on-line and thought I might
just throw a name out to you and see if it rings any bells.  I am looking for
my g-g-grandfather WILLIAM A. GAINES b. SC  (no date known).  His wife
(probably 2nd) was Matilda Frances HURLEY b. 1841 in PA (?).    I assume
William's birth date to be between 1835-1850.  William and Matilda had one
child that I know of:  CHARLES AUSTIN GAINES b. 5/15/1880 in LaCygne, KS.  I
have no idea of how long my Gaines family was in SC before William moved on to
KS.  I had hoped that you might have run across a William A. in your search.
No one in my family knows what the "A" stands for.  I know the chances of your
knowing of Williams born in SC during those years is remote; I hope you don't
mind my trying.  Best of luck to you!
Lisa in Colorado


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