Re: Will: TRUESDEL, John - Virginia Kobler
Subject: Re: Will: TRUESDEL, John
From: Virginia Kobler
Date: May 24, 1998

I am a descendant of Sterling HORTON and Mary TRUESDEL who was the daughter
of John Truesdel, Sr. I would dearly love to find the will or estate
settlement of John, Sr. Does anyone have it or know of a family Bible which
has a complete list of the children of John, Sr. Mary is listed on approved
DAR applications as the daughter of John, Sr. but no proof is offered.

Yours, Ginny K.

John Truesdel was the son of John Truesdel and Mary [Mollie]
>Hollingsworth.  He was born 14 Mar 1769 in Kinghill, County Down, Ulster,
>Ireland and traveled with his family as a child to South Carolina.  He
>was married 11 Jun 1797 at Hanging Rock to Nancy McDonald.  He died 16
>Jan 1854 and was buried at Hanging Rock.
>His will, written in 1852 [Kershaw County Wills III A 192], pages
>"Estate John Trusdel.	Last Will & Testament
>In the name of God Amen.  I John Trusdel of Kershaw District and in the
>State of South Carolina, being of sound and disposing mind and memory but
>weak in body, and calling to mind the uncertainty of life and being
>disposed and desirous to dispose of all such worldly estate as it hath
>pleased God to bless me with, do make and ordain this my last will in
>manner following that is to say i desire that all my property
>immdediately after my deceast be sold except such as is herein after
>mentioned and particular disposed of otherwise and out of the monies
>arrising there from, all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid,
>after paying my debts and funeral expenses, To wit i give to my wife
>Nancy Trusdel the one hundred acre tract I bot of Chestnut and one
>hundred acres of the Oliver Mahaffy tract on creek below the bridge &
>houses thereon two beds & furniture and other house hold furniture as she
>may need, and George & his wife Hanah & their five oldest children and
>their increase, and support the first year, at her death the lands to be
>equally divided among Jesse Trusdel's sons, and negroes & all the rest of
>the property to be sold by my executors and be equally divided between
>all my heirs, except Mary Cato.  I leave to Mary Cato's sons William _
>Cato, George WL Cato, John H Cato one hundred dollars each and to Sarah A
>Copeland and Elizabeth Barker fifty dollars each, to have and forever
>hold to them and their heirs--I leave to my grand son George WF Cato a
>certain parcel of land on which he resides all my right * * * and claim
>on the west side of the Camden road leasing from CC Haile's Mill to
>Camden commencing on Haile's line on the south of the Bridge & down said
>road to A Cauthen's line south to him & his heirs forever* * * I give to
>my grand sons the sons of Jesse Trusdel viz Seborn J Trusdel, Jesse E
>Trusdel, William J Trusdel, and Buril TJ Trusdel, all my lands lying both
>sides of the Hanging Rock Creek east of old Mahaffy Mill or CC Haile's
>Mill & of the Camden road down to the old George Wells line it being
>several tracts and parcels of tracts all joining each other known as my
>old settlement the Zack Adams land, the meeting house tract, the Davidson
>land, L Clyburn land, W Clyburn land, the West lands, the Morrison lands,
>all that I bought of JC Haile except the Wells land & thirty seven acres
>of B Haile & the Pitman land, to the above named sons of Jesse Trusdel to
>them and their heirs for ever, I leave to my grand sons the son of John H
>Trusdel viz William Trusdel, Jesse Trusdel, Buril Trusdel & John Trusdel,
>all my lands lying below the Rocky ford on Hanging Rock Creek and south
>west of Lynches Creek known as the George Wells tract & thirty seven
>acres * * * of B Haile opset on north side of creek & the Ingram tract &
>thirty acres * * * of D Gaskin on L. Creek and the Pitman land or part,
>as a part being sold to B West previous, to the above named sons of John
>H Trusdel to them and their heirs for ever, I leave to my two sons Jesse
>Trusdel and John H Trusdel all my Bank Stock and interest in the Camden
>Bank to be equally divided between them two, to them and their heirs for
>ever, All the rest of my estate of whatsoever it may be not herein
>mentioned before particular disposed of otherwise; I desire to be sold
>and after paying my debts to be equally divided between my several
>children, Mary Cato excepted, viz: Jesse Trusdel, Elizabeth Haile,
>Margaret Ballards three children, Caroline, Columbus & Emily [as one
>heir], John H Trusdel and Martha Gooch; and I give the same to them their
>heirs executors administrators and assigns for ever, And Lastly, I do
>constitute and appoint my son Jesse Trusdel & James C Haile Executors of
>this my last will and Testament, whereof I have hereunto set my hand and
>affixed my Seal this nineteenth day of June in the year of our Lord one
>thousand eight hundred and fifty two~~~~~~~~~~~~
>Jesse Horton
>Anderson Cauthen
>George H. Trusdel  "

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