Will,of David Watkins - JEAN PRATHER
Subject: Will,of David Watkins
Date: June 19, 1999

Pendleton S.C.( not related to me)
Will probated 1 Feb 1810 probated Pendleton Pendleton Dist.S.C 2 April
1810 recorded in Anderson CoS.C.Courthouse will book A page 13 roll 753
testator bequeathed
son David one negro boy named 'Dug"
wife one nero girl named 'Tack'
balance to continue in hands of wife until youngest
child is of age                                
son John had already had money

Son Joseph,one man named Swabuck.

Wife and son Joseph to be executors
Will signed and sealed
Name of wife named as executor revealed as "Temperance",also some time
earlier she had signed with him as Temperance when signing a deed to
certain property. there were 13 children living i family 10 to maturity

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