Will of Luke Whitfield, Sr., Craven County, St. George's Parish - Hbmoody
Subject: Will of Luke Whitfield, Sr., Craven County, St. George's Parish
From: Hbmoody
Date: August 22, 2000

In the "Abstracts of the Wills of the State of South Carolina 1760-1784" 
compiled and edited by Caroline T. Moore there is a will:
Luke Whitfield, Sr., Price George's Parish, Craven County.  Wife: Chloe, 
plantation where I now live.  Sons: Luke, Jr., youngest William, Matthew, 
Benjamin and Lewis, under age.  Daus: 2 youngest Penelope and Terecy, under 
age and unmarried: Elizabeth Moody.  Mentions: 4 youngest sons to be sent to 
William and Constantine Whitfield in Dobbs County [North Carolina], Exors: 
son Luke, Jr., Aaron Daniel Wit: Matthew Whitfield; Charles Moody, his mark
D. 29 Aug 1767. P. 21 October 1767. R: nd. P. 141.
My questions are:
Does anyone know anymore about the Elizabeth and Charles Moody mentioned.
Does anyone have a copy of the will.
Where was Dobbs County?  It does not exist in present day NC.

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