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Subject: RE: Will of Jonas Griffin
From: Wodi Pro
Date: March 25, 1998

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Way back in time there was a Benjamin Major in Camden or Fairfield =
area... I don't have anything on him but Leonardo did a paper on Major =
in SC and he is on that... Try LDS records... It sounds like your family =
may descend from him.

From: 	Helen Allen
Sent: 	Wednesday, March 25, 1998 12:29 AM
To: 	[email protected]
Subject: 	Will of Jonas Griffin

>From the Andrea Collection - Roll 58 under "G" p. 22: (Leonardo Andrea =
Will of Jonas Griffen of Lancaster Co., Camden Dist., SC:

Son: Benjamin - negro girl named Tener
Son: Major - negro boy Sam
Son: Jonas - lands & 3 negroes Jupiter, Lue & Amey
Grandson:  Robin Griffin - girl Winne
Dau: Jennet Brewton 1 girl Rose

Exec. Son Jonas Griffen & friend Benjamin Haile
13 day Feb 1786
Wit:  Thomas Miers, Ferguson Haile, Susanna Haile,  Benjamin Haile Jr.

Is the above Jonas the father of  Benjamin who according to family  =
tradition came from Halifax Co., VA.  This Benjamin was born ca 1773 and =
 died in Bibb Co., AL in 1846.  He married Polley (maiden name unknown). =
  Family tradition says Benjamin, or his family, came from Dublin, =

I find that a son of Benjamin (1773-1846) named a son Jonas Major.  =
Would like to investigate a possible connection.  Would like input  from =
anyone who has information on the above Jonas and his children Benjamin, =
Major, Jonas, grandson Robin Griffen and dau. Jennet Brewton.  Does =
anyone know anything more about this family?  Where did these children =
go after their father's death?

Helen Griffin Allen

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