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Date: January 13, 2000

<< Anyone familiar with any of the names mentioned below?
 WILL OF JOHN BOND RANDELL, St. James Parish, Santee, planter.
 Wife:  Elizabeth, all that we have used in "the Family wither at Cainhoy
 or Wambaw" (except desk and bookcase belonging to estate of my late
 friend Mr. I'on..)  Sister:  Caroline VANS.  Mother: [not named]. 
 Aunt:  _____ CARNE, now COFFIE.  Mentions:  to SAMUEL WARREN, my fouling
 piece and my writing case, the case contains papers of very great
 consdquence to my estate; at sale of property of GEORGE PADDON BOND, my
 desceased uncle, >>

Greetings from SC. The Rev. Samuel Fenner WARREN was Rector of the Parish of 
St. James Santee. Not sure if he is the Samuel WARREN referred to in the 
above will. See last reference about Col. Samuel WARREN. The RANDELL name 
does not appear in the existing parish records.

I find the following information in "St. James Santee, Plantation Parish: 
History & Records, 1685- 1925.

p. 369
"Charles GEE of the Parish of Prince George, Bachelor and Catherine BOND of 
the Parish of Prince George, Widow, were married in the Public School-house 
of Prince George, by Banns this Twenty Fourth Day of April in the Year of our 
Lord, 1770, by me S. F. WARREN, Rector of this Parish.

This marriage was Solemnized between us 
                                                        [signed] Charles GEE
                                               Catherine BOND X her mark

In the presence of         Thomas WELL
                                       Peter MAUME (?) "

"Samuel MOUZON of the Parish of Christ Church, Bachelor and Anne MAYNARD of 
the Parish of Christ Church, Spinster, were married at the Plantation of 
Major George Paddon BOND of this Parish, by Licence, this Seventeenth Day of 
May in the Year of our Lord, 1770, by me S. F. WARREN, Rector of this Parish.

This marriage was Solemnized between us    
                           [signed]     Samuel MOUZON
                                              Anne MAYNARD

In the presence of                 Charles MAYNARD
                                               Elias LEWIS"

p. 42n
A Jacob BOND is mentioned in a description of land in the 1744 will of Noah 

p. 145-
"One of the local military leaders was a former militia captain (1808), Jacob 
Bond I'on (1782- 1859), a graduate of Yale, who entered the United States 
Army on March 12, 1812, as captain of the 1st Regiment of Artillery and 
served until 1815. Upon the reorganization of the army at the close of the 
war, he was retained. The fortifications at Charelston and Savannah were 
under his command. After the war he continued to maintain a life-long 
interest in the military and in 1830 was chosen to command the Volunteer 
Battalion raised in St. James Santee, Christ Church, St. Thomas, St. 
Stephens, and St. Johns Berkeley. (SCHM, XXV, (1924), pp. 14- 15.)

A planter, I'on had inherited his father's property, which included Clayfield 
Plantation in Christ Church Parish and Springfield Plantation (1,042 acres) 
in St. James Parish. Tax returns for 1824 also list his ownership of 964 
acres and thirty slaves in St. Thomas and St. Dennis Parish at Spring Hill 
Plantation. His chief plantation, however, was Fairlawn, later called 
Furman's, near the head of the Wando River. 

Bond also owned a house on Sullivna's Island where he served as intendant 
(1823) and warden (1824) for Moultrieville (Bio. Dir. of SC House of 
Rep:1775- 1790, Vol. III). From his large house at Moultrieville, I'on 
dispensed hospitality to friends and relatives. His house was a favorite 
meeting place for young officers stationed at Fort Moultrie. One of his most 
frequent guests was a young lieutenant with red hair, William Tecumseh 

A bachelor, I'on was a family favorite with his numerous nieces and nephews. 
Enormously fat and jolly, he was affectionately known by the family as 'Old 

A member of the planter governing elite, Bond served, as had Col. Samuel 
WARREN, as president of the South Carolina Senate (1822- 1828), but was 
defeated for governor in 1825. After his death in 1859 Bond was buried, as 
his father had been, in the BOND family cemetary at Hobcaw Plantation on the 
Wando River."

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