Will of Jane [Holland] Elliott - R. W. Hughes
Subject: Will of Jane [Holland] Elliott
From: R. W. Hughes
Date: May 22, 1998

From the Kershaw District Book of Wills, page #488:

"South Carolina	
	Last Will & Testament of Kershaw District
	Jane H. Elliott

    I Jane H Elliott of the District and State aforesaid do make this my
last will and Testament in the manner following  1st  I direct my
Executor immediately after my death to seel so much of my property as
will pay all my lawful debts and to pay the Same according to law  2d 
The balance of my Estate I give and bequeath to the following named
Children of my first Child Sister Mary Ann Elliott, Mary Jane Elliott,
Martha Ann Elliott & Margaret Ellen Elliott.  The property to remain in
the hands of my Executor until the above named Children become of age and
then to be equally divided Share & Share alike.  I appoint William
Elliott The father of the above named Children of my lawful Executor to
this my last Will & Testament Signed Sealed & delivered in the presence
of the undersigned Witnesses on the nineteenth day of July in the Year of
our Lord One thousand Eight hundred & Sixty Six
Witness My Hand & Seal:  J. H. ELLIOTT

The above will was probated on 2 Aug 1866.

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