Re: Will Do Lookups - Walter Hall
Subject: Re: Will Do Lookups
From: Walter Hall
Date: November 06, 1998

Cheryl Crowder wrote:
> I thought I'd take a break from my research and see if I could help y'all.
> I have a book that lists a bibliography about NC and SC families if anyone
> would like a lookup.  All you need to send me is a SURNAME.  Please limit
> your inquiries to 2 names, and PLEASE don't post to the LIST so we don't
> cause clutter.
> Cheryl
> The years teach us much the days never knew.  -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
Hi.  I am Walter Hall in Conn., origonally from SC.  I have a Turner
ancestor who settled in Newberry Dist., SC in 1750.  He may have come
From the NC/SC "Welsh Tract".  I don't know a lot about that area.  The
family was from Maryland according to local history.  Any way to look up
William Turner and wife Elizabeth for a possible Welsh Tract
connection?  Thanks.
Walt Hall

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