Re: will do looks ups - Srgvaughan
Subject: Re: will do looks ups
From: Srgvaughan
Date: August 08, 1999

Hi, Thomas Vaughan was born 1816 in Ireland. He left there via Endland. He 
showed up in the 1850 census Colleton county, SC. and died there. Colleton 
county was split into several and Dorchester county is where he is buried. in 
the 1850 census he is married to Mary Radcliffe with 2 children Ellen age 1 
and Stephem age 10. He was a schoolmaster, his worth was $400.00.  Family 
lore says 7th son of Irish Earl or leaving England on jump ahead of the law 
or stowing away.  He was Catholic. Given he was educated probably from a 
family of some means. He married Mary Radcliffe who was from a prominet 
French Huguenot (French Protestant) family in Charleston, SC. Her year of 
birth would be 1822. She was also listed in the same 1850 census. Any help 
would be appreicate. Thanks.   Gale

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