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Subject: Re: will do looks ups
From: redwitch
Date: August 08, 1999


If you have not subscribed to the Huguenot mailing list you might want to try to
post your info there also.  I believe I've seen the Radcliffe name listed there
before.  You can find it at  Good luck


[email protected] wrote:

 Hi, Thomas Vaughan was born 1816 in Ireland. He left there via Endland. He
> showed up in the 1850 census Colleton county, SC. and died there. Colleton
> county was split into several and Dorchester county is where he is buried. in
> the 1850 census he is married to Mary Radcliffe with 2 children Ellen age 1
> and Stephem age 10. He was a schoolmaster, his worth was $400.00.  Family
> lore says 7th son of Irish Earl or leaving England on jump ahead of the law
> or stowing away.  He was Catholic. Given he was educated probably from a
> family of some means. He married Mary Radcliffe who was from a prominet
> French Huguenot (French Protestant) family in Charleston, SC. Her year of
> birth would be 1822. She was also listed in the same 1850 census. Any help
> would be appreicate. Thanks.   Gale
> >
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