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Subject: Re: will do looks ups
From: Fgourdin
Date: August 09, 1999

I don't think we have a connection, Gale.  My William Vaughan was in S.C.
about 1800 and left shortly thereafter and was in Franklin co., GA for about
10 years and moved on to Limestone Co., AL and then to Monroe Co., MS.  He
either died in Monroe co. or moved on to TX and died.
Felicia  the others are not family names.
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Subject: Re: will do looks ups

 Hi, I know some of the Vaughans here had kin in Spartanburg area. Also
> is a family name. Thomas Vaughan b. 1816-1871, his kids were Stephen
> (b1840), John Vaughan(b1844), James Vaughan, Samuel Dunwoody Vaughan
> (Rev)(b1846),.Thomas Vaughan(B1848), Ellen Vaughan (b.1849) , William
> (b1851)  How this ties to yours don't know. Gale
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